VII Workshop NyNA 2015
Salamanca (Spain), 6-8th July, 2015

Learn more: Valladolid - Salamanca

Valladolid - Salamanca (Bus):


Valladolid Airport, Villanubla, is located to 11 Km. from Valladolid. Best way to the center is taxi although you may take a bus not too often. 

  • Taxi: One way to the center or the bus station costs around 15 Euros.
  • Bus: The bus to the center roads from mondays to fridays at the following hours: 11.20, 15.15 y 19.20, and saturdays at 11:20 y 17.45. Sundays and holidays at 19.50. There is one bus to Salamanca more o less every hour. It cost around 6.75 Euros to go and 12.15 Euros a return ticket. To learn more about schedule and prices, please visit their Website:


Valladolid - Salamanca (Train):


To reach railway station your best choice is to get a taxi. It costs around 15 Euros y takes about 15 minutes.
You may find actualized info about prices and schedule at:

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