VII Workshop NyNA 2015
Salamanca (Spain), 6-8th July, 2015

A greeting from the Mayor

Salamanca, 2015

The City of Salamanca is proud to welcome the participants at the VII Workshop on Analytical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, gathering you here from the sixth to the eighth of July. While you are here you will see than Salamanca is an ideal venue for congresses and so forth: Salamanca is a City of Knowledge; it has a long history of hospitality; it is a European Cultural Capital and its is a UNESCO Heritage City.

As a City of Knowledge, thanks mainly to its Universities, one of which has been functioning for the last eight centuries, PhD-holders, professors and researchers from all parts of the world come here to meet and debate, exchange knowledge, and pass this on for the benefit of Humankind.

From its perspective as a City of Hospitality, every year Salamanca receives thousands of visitors, among them many scholars and students , and it a pleasure for the people of Salamanca to host them in their city. You will therefore find a broad variety of hotel offers where we hope you will be as comfortable as possible, as well as some truly outstanding restaurants where you will be able to partake of the local gastronomic delicacies.

And if this were not enough, I would remind you that Salamanca is a historical city, a Heritage City, and a European Cultural Capital, so you will be able to spend some of your free time investigating its architectural charms.

I sincerely encourage you to have a fruitful stay with us and at the same time to discover our beautiful city, its life, its architecture and its treasures. So I invite you all to open this great book of golden stone and read the great Book of Salamanca, replete with learning and discoveries.

Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.
Mayor of Salamanca

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