VII Workshop NyNA 2015
Salamanca (Spain), 6-8th July, 2015

Welcome from Rector

Salamanca, 2015

From 6 to 8 July 2015, our University will host the “VII Workshop on Naonoscience and Nanotechnology”. The chief aim of the Workshop is to offer a referential platform where scientists working in the field can meet and discuss their findings. These are the forerunners of the knowledge and bases that will afford the material we shall see and make use of in the future.

This is a challenge for all those attending and the University of Salamanca is doing its utmost to ensure that their stay in the city will be fruitful and pleasant. Our University, shortly to celebrate its eighth centenary, has witnessed the passage of scholars who have helped to build the world we live in today, which with its positive and negative aspects has managed to provide us with a welfare state and coexistence that allow us to keep moving forwards.

After eight centuries of producing thinkers, scientists and professors, we remain faithful to the idea of advancing on the frontiers of science and transmitting to our students the knowledge necessary for them to continue contributing to the future, which we hope will last at least the next eight hundred years.

Nanoscience has brought experts from many different spheres into it arms and collaborative liaisons have been developed whose results can be found in both the national and international contexts. Therefore, we understand that the University of Salamanca, whose international outlook has always been characteristics of its style, should support and help such relations to become even tighter and burgeon in the future.

The exchange of ideas, points of view and knowledge will undoubtedly be the focal point of the Workshop and will surely generate a milestone in the advance of these disciplines with such bright futures.

Daniel Hernández Ruipérez.
Rector of the University Salamanca.

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